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Ivan is a member of the "Antwerp Diamond Brokers" Club

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What is an Antwerp Diamond Broker?

van de Water Jewellers Ltd

Antwerp Diamond Brokers have direct access to the Antwerp diamond market, and visit Antwerp annually to personally select diamonds for our customers.

van de Water Jewellers Ltd

Over 80% of the world's diamonds are traded, cut and graded in Antwerp. We are able to select, negotiate and purchase the perfect diamond on behalf of our customers, and as a result can pass on significant savings.

Ivan is passionate about the allure and beauty of this wonderful gem and takes pride in securing the 'diamond of your dreams', whether it be for an engagement, anniversary, or heirloom diamond for our customers.

A qualified diamond grader, Ivan is able to assure his customers that the diamond selected from a vast inventory in quality, shape and sizes available, is the best for their requirements, and at an exceptionally good price.

How is your diamond selected?

van de Water Jewellers Ltd

Ivan visits several large diamond merchants in the Antwerp diamond district. At each office he examines many parcels of diamonds in his search for the best diamonds for his customers

Why are Antwerp Diamonds such good value?

van de Water Jewellers Ltd

By dealing direct, and by being able to select the best diamonds available, I can deliver high quality diamonds at very good prices.

  • Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world
  • Ivan is a qualified diamond grader
  • Ivan has over 35 years of experience
  • Annual diamond buying trips to Antwerp
  • Personally hand selected diamonds
  • Significant savings for our customers